In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, Colbrow Medics is supporting Australian businesses with Urgent Medical Services

Health Advice - Coronavirus
March 2, 2020
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Colbrow Medics: Urgent Medical Services

Colbrow Medics is responding to requests from Australian businesses for urgent medical services to compliment their business continuity and risk mitigation plans to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our services have extended well beyond event medical services and we can now offer a range of services.  Please call 1300 550 123 and speak to one our consultants.


1. Clinical Consult Telephone – 24/7 Medical Advice Hotline service


2. Workplace, University or School First Aid Responders & Sick Bay Support

  • Fully equipped with PPE and training
  • Colbrow Personnel trained in infection control with appropriate use of PPE
  • Minimise employee downtime
  • Comprehensively managed service including first aid kits and supplies
  • Strong clinical governance and clinical support
  • Provision of Medical Personnel to help meet sick bay surge
  • Establish temporary sick bay if not already onsite
  • Urgent Medical Services Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Hobart



3. Low & High Volume: Colbrow Virus Fever Screening (VFS)

  • Helps to protect workplaces from people with symptoms of Virus
  • Low Volume with thermometers
  • High Volume with thermal imaging cameras
  • Helps protect business continuity for essential services
  • Deters people with symptoms from trying to attend workplace
  • Risk to workplaces of having to shut for 48 hours if suspected virus cases detected and up to 14 days if confirmed virus case detected
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Hobart
  • More information here:














4. Infection Control Training



5. Onsite Health Clinics / Deployable Health Services

  • Provision of healthcare equipment and staff to turn room into temporary clinic for employees, residents or visitors
  • Can provide initial screening in line with state department guidelines for health services
  • Helps reduce wait times for your employees to get access to healthcare
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Support to government and other health services
  • 8 hours to setup
  • Can setup in parkland, car park or existing building
  • Triage through to resuscitation facility
  • Up to 25 low acuity beds per facility
  • Up to 3 resuscitation beds per facility
  • Existing equipment ready to be deployed
  • Systems, procedures and framework tried and tested
  • Experience delivering in areas of surge
  • Suitable to provide temporary quarantine facility
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Alice Springs & Darwin
  • More information here:

Onsite Medical Triage & Screening Services



6. Non-Emergency Patient Transport

  • Inter facility transport
  • Facility to home
  • Seated transport
  • Stretcher transport
  • Corporate transport for unwell employees as alternative to public transport
  • Helps divert unnecessary patients out of government health system
  • Medical Air Transport Escorts
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Domestic & International Service
  • More information here:

Patient Transport throughout Victoria



7. Flu Vaccinations & Immunisation Services

Registered Nurse Onsite Flu Vaccinations



8. Medical & PPE First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies - PPE - Hand Sanitiser


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