Event First Aid Adelaide

 Event First Aid Adelaide

The event First Aid Adelaide can trust in schools and student gatherings. For all your school event needs, look no further that Colbrow Medics to provide you with everything you need to ensure that First Aid help is just one step away.

Colbrow Medics provides qualified First Aid Medics for all school organised events and sporting carnivals throughout Victoria:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary School
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Catholic Schools and Independent Schools


We can provide First Aid Medics for sports including:

  • First Aid for swimming carnivals
  • First Aid for athletic carnivals, hockey, volley ball and cricket
  • First Aid for football, and even school camps

We value team work, commitment, and integrity, and we pride ourselves on our reliability. These are reflective of our core values of Team Work, Integrity, Quality, Flexibility, Growth and Trust-values that set us apart from our competitors. From the start of our engagement with our clients, we make a commitment to provide complete service, ensuring that specific individual and event-specific needs are met.

At Colbrow Medics we pride ourselves on our reliability and we are secure in the fact that we won’t let our clients down. Let us prove it to you!