First Aid Training FAQ

Colbrow Medics First Aid Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1a Q. What is a USI?

A. USI is a Unique Student Identifier number that is issued by the Australian Government and is a mandatory item for all training providers to collect when training is delivered. More information about the system is available here:


1b Q. I need a Provide First Aid certificate and a CPR certificate, how many courses do I need to book in for?

A. You need to book into a ‘HLTAID003 – Provide first aid’ course only as this includes a free CPR certificate.


1c Q. I want to book into a public course, can I book in and arrange for my workplace or sports club to pay you later.

A. No, all bookings for public courses must be paid for in full at the time of booking


1d Q. Do I have to complete any pre-learning prior to my course?

A. Yes, an online enrollment with pre-learning is required to be completed for HLTAID003 – Provide first aid and HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation. There is no online enrollment or pre-learning AFL Emergency Response Coordinator.


1e Q. I don’t have time to do the pre-learning, what options do I have?

A. The pre-learning is a mandatory requirement, if you are unable to complete the pre-learning, please book into a course at a later date.


1f Q. I want to book into a public course but I can’t see the calender on your website or I am having trouble with the booking page

A. Our website works best with Google Chrome Browser on a laptop of desktop computer. Please download Chrome from this website:


1g Q. I don’t have paypal but I want to book into a public course, how do I pay?

A. You do not need a paypal account, you can make a payment with any VISA or Mastercard through our paypal gateway. There is no need to create a paypal account.


1h Q. What is the minimum age to enroll in a course?

A. There is no minimum age but all participants must have the language literacy skills required to pass the course work. All participants who are under the age of 18 and want to attend a Provide First Aid or CPR course must have their parent or guardian sign a consent form prior to the course. Please download the form here and hand it to your trainer at the start of the course.



1i Q. Can I make a telephone booking using my credit card for a public first aid course?

A. We recommend all bookings for public first aid courses are made online via our website ( ). If you want to make a telephone booking, there is a $15 administration fee per transaction applicable ( ).


1j Q. I need further assistance, how do I contact customer service?

If you need assistance, please contact The First Aid Training Customer Service department is available Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm.



Cancellations/Refunds/Re-scheduling/No Shows/RPL/Special Consideration


2a Q. I can’t attend a course that I have booked into, can I have a refund or re-schedule.

A. We cannot re-schedule participants into a different date or course type for public courses, you must complete another booking for a new date or course type and apply for a refund for the date/course you cannot attend. Please note that we have a strict refund policy so please choose your dates/courses carefully. Our refund policy can be viewed here:


2b Q. I can’t attend the scheduled second part of my course, can I pick another second night to attend?

A. No, this is not permitted.


2c Q. I am booked into a course that runs over two dates, what happens if I can’t attend both dates?

A. You must attend both dates for the course that you have booked. If you cannot attend both dates, please book into another course at a later date (you will need to attend the full course, not just the part that you missed).


2d Q. I have lots of experience with first aid and healthcare, can I obtain RPL or skip part of the course

A. No, all participants must attend the full course regardless or prior experience. This is a strict requirement from our RTO. We do not offer RPL for our courses.


2e Q. I already have a valid CPR certificate, can you give me credit for the CPR practical so I can skip the CPR component of the course and still be issued with the Provide First Aid certificate?

A. No, we are not able to issue credit for certificates you already hold. You will need to attend the full course.



2f Q. I am unable to kneel on the floor to perform CPR, can I do my CPR assessment on a table?

A. No, it is a strict requirement that the Adult CPR assessment must be performed using the correct technique, on the floor, for two minutes continuously





3a Q. How long is my certificate valid for?

A. HLTAID003 – Provide first aid is valid for three years, HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is valid for 12 months, AFL Emergency Response Coordinator is valid for three years


3b Q. How long will it take for my certificate to be issued?

A. Certificate delivery time frames:

  • Provide First Aid: within seven (7) business days of course completion in PDF format via email (printed copy available to be delivered via Australia Post for an additional fee of $15 per certificate upon request)
  • CPR: within seven (7) business days of course completion in PDF format via email (printed copy available to be delivered via Australia Post for an additional fee of $15 per certificate upon request)
  • Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC): within four to six weeks of course completion in printed format via Australia Post


3c Q. I have lost my certificate, can you send me another copy?

A. Administration fee for re-issue of certificates:

  • Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC):$34 per certificate
  • Provide First Aid: $19 per certificate
  • CPR: $19 per certificate