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AFL ERC Course

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Course Code :
AFL ERC Course
Course Validity :
Within AFL leagues

Purpose :
Our students learn to understand and implement emergency management procedures, provide immediate assessment and management of acute on field injuries and medical emergencies, basic knowledge of first aid and administration of salbutamol using a spacer and other common medications children may be taking. They will also learn the signals for communication on and off the field and how to give discharge advice.

Entry Requirements:
Must be at least 14 years of age by the last scheduled session of the course
Participants must be able to do lifting

Format : A mixture of online learning and assessment and face-to-face assessment
Qualification Issued : Certificate of completion
Legislative Authorisations : AFL

Learning Objectives :

ERC Training
  • Understand and implement emergency management procedures
  • Provide immediate assessment and management of acute on field injuries and medical emergencies including:
    • Soft tissue injures
    • Concussion
    • CPR
    • Running onto field
    • On field communication
    • Calling 000
    • Transporting injured patients off field
    • Calling off the game if necessary

Course Length : Approximately 1 hours online pre-course study and assessment, 15min face-to-face practical assessment per 2 people
Location: Most of our courses are held in Noble Park, Bulleen and Greensborough.

Book a course at your own venue, 12 square meters minimum space requirement (2 ppl plus trainer) plus waiting space for next pair
Instructor : ERC Trainer

Requirements for Successful Course Completion :

    • Attendance at all sections of the course is required
    • Active participation in group activities and discussions involved in the training program
    • Successfully complete progressive practical assessments. Progressive assessment of the competencies will be conducted throughout the course
    • Successfully complete either a multiple-choice theoretical assessment, demonstrate practical application of skills or answer structures verbal questions in a one on one or group capacity by the end of the course

Certificate Validity Legislature : Approval valid for 3 years from the completion date  provided 10 hours per season is maintained
Participant Materials : Online learning resources, A4 Certificate
Notes : Due to the practical components of the course, participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing for the practical assessment