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Introduction to Taping (Level 2)

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Course Code :
Introduction to Taping (Level 2)

Purpose :
The aim of this course is to further develop the basic knowledge and skills of the Level 1 Introduction to Taping. The student will get a deeper insight into sport injuries and how to tape more complex (pre-existing) conditions and injuries.
Entry Requirements:
Introduction to Taping Level 1

Format : 
3 hours face to face at your/our venue

Legislative Authorization : This is a non-accredited course delivered in workshop format

Learning Objectives :

Knee Taping
  • Purpose of Taping: Injury Prevention & Injury Management
  • Types of Tape/Tools
  • When to Tape/Not to Tape
  • Before and after Taping
  • Taping Shoulders, Knees and Elbows

Location: Most of our courses being held in Noble Park, Bulleen and Bandoora
Instructor : Physio Therapist/Sports Trainer Level 2