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Temperature Check- Infrared Thermometer- Online Training

Introduction to Temperature Check and Infrared Thermometer Use

Course Code:
Introduction to Temperature Checking

1-2 hours temperature checker online short course

Legislative Authorisations:
This is a non-accredited course delivered via online workshop format or online temperature checking training.

The aim of this course is to develop a student’s competence and confidence to safely and correctly apply temperature checking techniques and the use of infrared thermometers for accurate results, including the ability to perform hand hygiene, use PPE and clean and sanitize as per best practice guidelines.

This online course is perfect for those working in security or required by their workplace to conduct low volume screening of customers or clients upon entry to a site or venue.

Entry Requirements:
Temperature Checker must be capable to wear full PPE


Healthcare Professional (Registered Nurse, Paramedic or Doctor)

Temperature Checking Learning Objectives:

  • How Infrared Thermometers work
  • Basics of IR thermometer use
  • Changing settings on IR thermometer
  • Troubleshooting IR thermometer use
  • What do look for when an error message appears
  • Different models of IR thermometer
  • What’s a low-reading
  • When to change PPE and perform cleaning during thermometer use
  • Cleaning method of work space and IR thermometer
  • Hand hygiene–hand wash
  • Don PPE
  • Doff PPE including hand sanitiser

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