In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, Colbrow Medics is supporting Australian businesses with Urgent Medical Services

COVID Temperature Check

Onsite COVID Temperature Check and Screening Services

Improve the safety of your workplace by engaging trained healthcare personnel to provide a service tailored to your needs. Colbrow Medics can provide onsite low volume COVID temperature check or high volume fever screening services to your business.


Temperature Check

How Colbrow Medics’ Onsite Temperature Checking Can Assist Your Workplace:

The Colbrow Medics Virus Fever Screen (VFS) is an on site temperature checking and fever screening system that is used as a first level mass screening test for accurately identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature. The presence of a systemic fever is one of the key criteria for early identification of Coronavirus, COVID-19, Common Influenza, Norovirus SARS and other variants. We also have the ability to incorporate the COVID-19 swab test as part of the service for the best results.

Colbrow Healthcare has a long history of supporting organisations to provide screening services during outbreaks. This includes the screening technicians for airports during the 2010 Swine Flu Outbreak.

We will deploy a team of Screening Technicians specialists supported by Healthcare Professionals for escalating advice and referrals. It is important to only use temperature (or fever) as a guide to support clinical judgement (considering each patient’s circumstances). This is achieved through a primary, secondary and tertiary screening model tailored to our clients requirements.

All Colbrow Medics Fever Screening Technicians and healthcare professionals are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks, isolation gowns, gloves, p2 masks and safety glasses. All contaminated waste is removed at the end of each day and destroyed by an approved clinical waste contractor.

The Virus Fever Screen (VFS) originated in airports but is highly applicable for venues, events, factories and workplaces. By having a workplace fever screening station setup, this will help protect the business continuity of your office or factory. We screen for temperature (temperature checking) and secondary screening is a point of a full clinical assessment using more accurate tympanic (ear) thermometers.


The benefits of covering points of entry with onsite virus temperature screening and temperature checks are:

To Your Business Operations..Colbrow’s Equipment & Personnel..
  • Reduced risk of infection to your employees, patrons or workforce
  • Deterrent to people who are not following self isolating advice
  • Reassurance for other patrons and staff
  • Removal of decision making and exposure risk from your staff and supervisors
  • Hospital Grade Thermometers
  • Experienced clinical workforce
  • Team equipped and trained in don and doff of hospital standard PPE
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance of $20mil
  • Robust Clinical Governance


Temperature Checking On Site Locations:

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Government facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Ports
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Universities
  • Military facilities
  • Factories
  • Constructions Sites
  • Corporate Offices
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • AGMs
  • Any large gatherings of people, conferences or meetings in public places.


Low Volume Temperature Checking Services – Hospital Grade Thermometers

Fever ScreeningHospital grade no touch thermometers are used by clinicians to scan each person as they enter the designated area. Our equipment includes Welch Allyn CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer and the Berrcom JBX-178– Non Contact Infrared Thermometer. Each person walks up the onsite temperature screening check point and has the thermometer pointed at their forehead from 5cm distance, for 2 seconds. The result is returned within five seconds. If a fever or high temperature is detected or virus symptoms are observed, the person is referred to a secondary screening point for further investigation before being permitted to enter the venue or building. Colbrow Medics Low Volume Temperature Check is suitable for ingress rates of up to 10 people per minute on average, per team. The screening stations are mobile and can be setup in any venue or building. Multiple stations can be deployed for large venues or multiple entrances.

Primary Screening: Hospital grade forehead thermometers and health questionnaire (less than one minute)

Secondary Screening: Clinical Assessment including tympanic temperature reading using an in-ear thermometer (15 minutes)

Tertiary Screening: Nasopharyngeal (Nose/Throat) swab Multiplex PCR test (COVID-19 swab test) conducted onsite before the patient is sent to home isolation (15 minutes)

This three tier model leverages the benefits of Serial testing. Serial testing is more useful in some clinical scenarios to potentially eliminate the need for the second/third test.



Contact Us Now  for a consultation on how the Colbrow Medics Temperature Screen & Onsite Temperature Check can can help protect your site, workplace or venue.

Are you considering setting up your own internal procedure for temperature checking at your workplace? If you have your own suitable staff who can conduct temperature checking, we also offer a COVID Consultancy & Training service to help you setup this service


Colbrow Medics Temperature Checking & Fever Screening – Workplaces & Venues