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Primary School


Colbrow Medics understands the particular needs of primary schools and their students.

All schools have a duty of care to their students to ensure their safety at school events and functions, whether they are sporting carnivals, or school fetes and other activities. It is amongst younger children in particular, that there is a higher incidence of nut and bee stings allergies. With exposure to either nuts or bee sting leading to the possibility of anaphylaxis, parents and teachers can be assured that Colbrow Medics Medics are trained in the use of epi-pens. Colbrow Medics has the experience to ensure that student welfare is secured. Our First Aid Medics are available to provide immediate medical attention at school sports days, swimming carnivals, school fetes and for any other occasion where students’ health and welfare must be assured. For all primary school events, Colbrow Medics has you covered. For further information regarding our school first aid and medical services,.