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Sports School


With extensive experience in assisting students at school sports days,
Colbrow Medics has the knowledge and know-how to ensure all students receive appropriate
first aid responder care when they are injured at school sports events.

We have supplied Medics for athletic days for primary schools, secondary schools and even some tertiary institutions. Our trained professionals have treated all manner of injuries ranging from minor cuts, scratches and abrasions requiring basic first aid care, right up to suspected neck and spinal injuries which require professionalism and up-to-date medical knowledge in first aid response treatment. We have also treated students with rolled ankles, concussions and sprains which are common injuries in most school sports events, including athletic carnivals, football matches, cricket matches, volleyball matches, equestrian events, hockey matches or any other sporting event – whether a team event or individual pursuit.

If your school organises and/or hosts athletic days, school hockey, volleyball, cricket, soccer, tennis, equestrian events, alpine skiing event or any other team or individual sporting event, Colbrow Medics has you covered. Colbrow Medics has provided first aid medics to a wide variety of sports events for all types of schools from all levels of education. For further information regarding our school first aid and medical services.