Terms & Conditions

Section 1. Event First Aid / Event Health / Event Medical Services / Personnel Hire

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Event Organiser has confirmed that he or she has the authority to execute this Service Agreement on behalf of the Organisation.

The acknowledgement and submission of this form constitutes a Service Agreement between Colbrow Medics (inc. First Aid @ Events) and the Event Organiser as per the details submitted in the ‘Event Organiser’ fields. By agreeing to this Service Agreement, I, the person named as the authorised person, confirm my understanding that by lodging via web form, that no physical signature is required on this Declaration; that by lodging this Service Agreement I am automatically providing an electronic signature for this Declaration in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth) and corresponding state and territory acts.

1.1 Payment Terms: Payment in full is required prior to personnel arriving onsite to provide services. Payment Terms – Government Organisations: 30 days nett from date of invoice.

1.2 Collection Costs: In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest at the rate of 13% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.

1.3 Colbrow Medics reserves the right to charge for excessive supplies/stock used, including but not limited to: defibrillation pads, sports tape, oxygen and cervical collars.

1.4 Parking: where the client states that free parking will be provided for staff but there is a fee incurred for the parking: the client agrees to pay for the parking costs plus 15% administration fee. This will be a fee payable by invoice from Colbrow Medics.

1.5 Payment by bank transfer or cheque cannot be accepted within two business days of the start of your event. Surcharge of 2.6% is applicable for all credit card payments.

1.6 Colbrow Medics Cancellation Policy: 50% of the total invoice amount or a minimum of four (4) hours cancellation fee (whichever is greater) will remain payable where the event organiser cancels (or postpones) the services of Colbrow Medics once this booking has been submitted. If less than four (4) hours’ notice is provided, 100% of the total invoice amount will remain payable.

1.7 Any overtime worked by Medics will be charged to the client at the quoted hourly rate (or part thereof). Medics will present Attendance Slips to Site Contact for authorisation at the end of shift and overtime charges will be based on this information if applicable.

1.8 Once the online form is submitted and receipt confirmed via email from the Colbrow Medics office; the booking will be considered confirmed and the above cancellation policy will be applicable. Event Organiser declares acceptance of the quoted rates for service as quoted via email from operations@colbrowmedics.com by submitting this form.

1.9 Equipment & Infrastructure: Colbrow Medics requests that the Event Organiser provides a room or marquee with two chairs and one table for use as the first aid post, if this cannot be provided, please notify our office to request a quote for marquee hire. All Medics will arrive onsite with a fully stocked trauma kit. If you require additional specific medical equipment for your event including but not limited to: semi automatic external defibrillator (AED), oxygen kit, epipen, medical vehicle/van or stretcher vehicle, or Methoxyflurane pain medication; please request that this information is provided to you in a written quote prior to completing this agreement.

1.10 Restraint of Trade: The Event Organiser (Client) as outlined within the declaration of this Service Agreement; agrees that for the twelve month period following a last shift with the Client, (Restricted Period), the Client will not directly employ or engage the Medic(s) allocated without paying the applicable placement fee of $3,750 per Medic to Colbrow Medics.  The Client acknowledges that the restrictions contained within these Terms & Conditions and Colbrow Medics option to request the lump sum placement fee in the event that the Client breaches its obligations, are reasonable in the circumstances and necessary to protect the goodwill of Colbrow Medics’ business.


Section 2. Public First Aid Training

When an applicant accepts a place offered by Colbrow Medics and pays the fees, it means a binding contract is created between the student and Colbrow Medics. Notification of cancellation/withdrawal from unit/s of competency, withdrawal or deferral from a course of study must be made in writing using the Application for Refund of Public First Aid Training Booking form.

Click here to download the Application for Refund of Public First Aid Training Booking form:

Form0123v2 Application for Refund of Public First Aid Training Booking

In the case of cancellation/postponement (including change of date or course type), the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Students who give notice to cancel or postpone their enrolment more than 30 days prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid.
  • Students who give notice to cancel or change their enrolment less than 30 days prior to the commencement of a program will not be entitled to a refund or credit of fees paid. The amount retained is required to cover the cost of staff and resources which will have already been committed based on the students’ initial intention to undertake the training.

All refunds incur a $15 administration fee.

Name changes are not permitted under any circumstances.

When a student wishes to change the date of their enrollment, the student must re-book and pay for the new date then request a refund for the date they will not be attending using the correct form. Only when this form is submitted more than 30 days prior to the commencement of a program will the student be entitled to a refund.

Refunds are not provided in cases where certificates are not issued to the student due to the student failing to complete or demonstrate the required learning and administrative competencies by the scheduled end time of the course.

We recommend students arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class commencement time. Any participants who arrive more than 10 minutes after the scheduled class commencement time will not be permitted to complete the class and will forfeit any fees paid.

Certificate Delivery Timeframes

  • Provide First Aid: within seven (7) business days of course completion in PDF format via email (printed copy available to be delivered via Australia Post for an additional fee of $15 per certificate upon request)
  • CPR: within seven (7) business days of course completion in PDF format via email (printed copy available to be delivered via Australia Post for an additional fee of $15 per certificate upon request)
  • Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC): within four to six weeks of course completion in printed format via Australia Post

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure there certificate is received within the above time frames. Please ensure you check your spam/junk email folders. All claims for non-received certificates must be made in writing to operations@colbrowmedics.com within 40 days of course completion date.

Administration fee for re-issue of certificates:

  • Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC):$34 per certificate
  • Provide First Aid: $19 per certificate
  • CPR: $19 per certificate

Completion of Pre-course Learning

Provide First Aid and CPR courses require participants to complete online learning and present a government issued Unique Student Identifier (USI) prior to the course commencement.  If you fail to complete the online learning or present a USI prior to the course commencement, the production date of your certificate will be re-assigned to a re-production group and will be delayed for 30 days after the date you provide a valid USI or online learning evidence.


Section 3. Kits, Supplies & Equipment

When a purchase is made from Colbrow Medics in writing or via the Colbrow Medics Web Store, it means a binding contract is created between the customer and Colbrow Medics. All requests for refund, exchange, credit or replacement but be made in writing to Colbrow Medics via operations@colbrowmedics.com.

3.1 Change of Mind Returns

If you wish to return an item because you have changed your mind about your purchase, Colbrow Medics will offer you a credit for the returned items less a 25% restocking fee. The credit is conditional upon the following:

  • You return the item within seven (7) days of purchase
  • You produce your Colbrow Medics Tax Invoice as proof of purchase
  • The customer pays all return postage costs
  • The item is in resaleable condition including that: a) It is in its original packaging, unopened including instruction manuals and all accessories; b) It is unused and in its original condition; c) It is not a ‘buy in’ or ‘special order’ item

Colbrow Medics reserves the right not to offer a credit change of mind returns at it’s sole discretion. No refunds are provided under any circumstances for change of mind returns.

3.2 Other Returns

Colbrow Medics will accept product returns and provide you with a credit, refund or repair where:

  • The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality; or
  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or
  • The product does not match the sample or our description; and
  • You can present your Colbrow Medics Tax Invoice or other adequate proof of purchase.

Colbrow Medics may elect to return the product to the manufacturer’s repair agent to determine the nature of the problem before providing the credit, refund or repair. Colbrow Medics reserves the right not to offer credit, refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect.

Colbrow Medics provision to accept Other Returns only applies for the amount of time that is reasonable to expect, given the cost and quality of the item.

3.3 Short Shipment

Short Shipment claims must be made in writing to Colbrow Medics via operations@colbrowmedics.com within seven (7) days of delivery date.