In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, Colbrow Medics is supporting Australian businesses with Urgent Medical Services



Colbrow Medics has supplied several Melbourne Universities with qualified first aid medics
for a wide variety of University events and functions.
Universities have the same duty of care to their students as primary and secondary schools do, so ensuring
that their students have immediate access to first aid services when participating
in university events is a key factor in discharging that duty.

As universities actively encourage their students to participate in sporting and other team events, the event organisers have a responsibility to ensure that appropriately qualified first aid personnel are on site to provide first response medical care, if required. This provides students with the peace of mind that their safety is paramount in the organising of these events where provision of immediate first aid care for students is available.

Not only are first aid medics needed for risky sporting events, they can also be well utilised for student examinations to provide medical care to students who can often be overcome by the stress of sitting exams. Colbrow Medics has been on hand to provide medical care at numerous exam venues across Melbourne during university examination periods. Our staff allow exam invigilators the confidence that the students are cared for during the very stressful exam periods. For all University events, occasions, festivals and sporting events, Colbrow Medics has you covered. For further information regarding our school first aid and medical services.